83”, Non Vented Drip Chamber, Roller Clamp, Split Septum
Y-Site, Needleless PRN, Rotary Luer Lock, 6” Extension Set W/ Adaptor, Roberts Clamp and Rotary Luer Lock.


Made from Medical Grade PVC, Non-pyrogenic
Not made with natural rubber latex.
Does not contain DEHP
Length 83” (211cm)
Individually packaged, Sterile and Needleless

Ordering Information:

83″ Basic Needleless IV Sets w/Extension Set
MS-831106 83” IV Admin Set, 10 Drop w/Extension Set 50/Case
MS-831156 83” IV Admin Set, 15 Drop w/Extension Set 50/Case
MS-831606 83” IV Admin Set, 60 Drop w/Extension Set 50/Case