Bleed Control Kits

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All professional first responders should be equipped with Bleed Control Kits.

Critical Benefits:

  • Immediate responders contribute to what is the critical step in eliminating preventable prehospital death — control of external hemorrhage.
  • Quick actions to control external hemorrhage on the part of first responders and bystanders can provide effective, lifesaving, first-line treatment.
  • Widespread application of tourniquets and hemostatic dressings for hemorrhage control after civilian injury will save lives.
  • Tourniquet use when shock was not present had a survival rate of 90% versus 10%

MedSource Labs is a leading provider of critical medical supplies to EMS Providers,  hospitals, and surgical centers, veterinarian and dental providers, and government agencies.

Bleed Control Infographic

Our Products

Bleed Control – Level Kit 1


Bleed Control – Level Kit 2


Bleed Control – Level Kit 3


Tactical Trauma Kit


Military IFAK


Gunshot Trauma Kit


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