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EMERGE is our unique approach for working with partners to transform their ideas for exclusive Class I and II medical devices into market-ready products – rapidly and efficiently. With EMERGE, we become an extension of our partners in the way they conceive, design and manufacture innovative products.

We Bring Technology to Life

At EMERGE, we support companies of all sizes to bring their ideas to life.  Our product services and quality teams serve as your valued partner you can trust to support your company throughout product development, manufacturing, and regulatory approval. We are experienced, reliable, and highly efficient and will bridge the gap to help deliver quality products for your customers.

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Our Process

We serve as your valued partner – one you can trust to support you throughout product development, clinical manufacturing, and regulatory approval. Our team will work closely with you from the product inception, design, engineering, marketing, regulatory, and manufacturing. With our help, you can achieve speed to market, new cost targets, inject innovation into new categories, and with our talented team, you will be ready for a successful new product launch.

Highest Quality Standards & Regulatory Requirements

Assuring the right quality in all aspects of your business is vital for your company’s success.  We are committed to meeting the highest quality standards that meet and exceed regulatory requirements around the world. Together with our customers we go through all possible risks by analyzing, evaluating, controlling, and monitoring the risks inherent in the manufacturing of medical device products. We handle every facet of regulatory approval, from ISO and certification to authoring FDA submissions, helping you manage regulatory risk and accelerating time to market.

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Overview EMERGE is our unique process for working with partners to transform their ideas for exclusive Class 1 and 2

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please contact us at info@medsourcelabs.com, or call us at 800-876-8264 (toll-free within the U.S.) or +1 952-472-0131 (worldwide).