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Bloomington, IN
Salary: $9.50 /hour

Production Operators are responsible for performing assembly operations in the Environmentally Controlled Room (ECR) and completing appropriate documentation. Production Operators work to meet the production schedule, completing assembled and packaged devices.

* Support the Biomedix-Wai mission to supply life-saving medical devices for emergency responders.

* Work as an effective member of the Biomedix-Wai team through open communications with Biomedix-Wai employees.

* Follow all safety, Good Manufacturing Practices, and Good Documentation Practices policies and procedures.

Responsibilities and Duties

*Maintain a safe, clean and well organized work area.

*Check quality of parts and finished product.

*Notify Production Supervisor of non-conforming products or components.

*Follow standard operating procedures (SOP’s)

*Manufacturing product with timeliness and accuracy

Working Conditions:

*Working in the ECR wearing clean room and safety equipment.

*Operation of production equipment.


Medical, 401k, vacation

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