MedSource is proud to announce the rebranding of our company to MedSource Labs. Along with the name change, we have made some enhancements to our logo and our brand colors. The rebrand also coincides with the launch of our new website,


Why are you changing your name?

We’ve invested a significant amount of time over the past few months crafting our brand identity to be consistent with the value our customers receive through our partnerships together.

Since 2002, we have been a leading medical product developer and supplier, specializing in high-quality products and innovative medical product development. Today, our new name, MedSource Labs reflects our expansion into new markets, and growth in our services and offerings, including our BioMedix U.S. manufacturing arm and unique EMERGE process.


What does the MedSource Labs name and logo represent?

The term, Labs is a reflection of our expansive growth and collaborating even more closely with new and existing customers and partners to create an environment of a “laboratory for ideas” in the development of innovative solutions of products and services.

The MedSource logo is an evolution of the current MedSource logo design. It is important that key elements of the original brand identity be carried forward into the updated brand identity, in particular the usage of hexagons. We have updated the font to a clean, modern look. We are also evolving the hexagons by consolidating them into an iconic grouping that utilizes the existing color coding and reflects how each piece of the MedSource offering fits together to form a greater whole while also leaving room for future expansion.

The MedSource logo has also been updated to maintain a strong family look, yet have a clear differentiation from the parent company, MedSource Labs. The MedSource logo uses the same new hexagon design but uses font weight differently to separate and highlight the sourcing component of the business. This emphasis helps create clarity from the custom development component in the new EMERGE offering.


How does the name change and new branding impact current customers?

The only way you will be affected by our new name and branding is that you will have a better understanding of all the services we provide and the benefits of working with us.


What is next for MedSource Labs?

We will continue to grow to meet and exceed the needs of those we serve and provide the same level of superior customer service.  We will also continue to expand and build our website to improve the user experience.


What is the company’s address?

Our company offices remain the same.


Corporate Headquarters

MedSource Labs

201 Norex Drive

Chaska, MN 55318


Biomedix WAI

3895 W Vernal Pike

Bloomington, IN 47404


We welcome your feedback.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at