ClearSafe™ and ClearSafe Comfort™ Safety I.V. Catheters


The ClearSafe™ Safety I.V. Catheter was designed to allow caregivers easy and safe I.V. access with cost effective solutions. Our siliconized and ground beveled needle ensures smooth, painless insertion. The clicking lock mechanism ensures safety from cross contamination. MedSource has simplified needle stick safety and compliance.

The ClearSafe Comfort™ Safety I.V. Catheter is designed with all of the features and benefits as it’s counterpart, the ClearSafe™, with the added benefit of PUR (Polyurethane) catheter material. This material allows for a softer, more comfortable experience for the patient and a longer in-dwelling.

ClearSafe™ClearSafe Comfort™
MS-84114ClearSafe I.V. Catheter, 14g x 1 1/4”200/CaseMS-84214ClearSafe Comfort I.V. Catheter, 14g x 1 1/4”200/Case
MS-84116ClearSafe I.V. Catheter, 16g x 1 1/4”200/CaseMS-84216ClearSafe Comfort I.V. Catheter, 16g x 1 1/4”200/Case
MS-84118ClearSafe I.V. Catheter, 18g x 1 1/4”200/CaseMS-84218ClearSafe Comfort I.V. Catheter, 18g x 1 1/4”200/Case
MS-84120ClearSafe I.V. Catheter, 20g x 1 1/4”200/CaseMS-84220ClearSafe Comfort I.V. Catheter, 20g x 1 1/4”200/Case
MS-841202ClearSafe I.V. Catheter, 20g x 1”200/CaseMS-842202ClearSafe Comfort I.V. Catheter, 20g x 1”200/Case
MS-84122ClearSafe I.V. Catheter, 22g x 1”200/CaseMS-84222ClearSafe Comfort I.V. Catheter, 22g x 1”200/Case
MS-84124ClearSafe I.V. Catheter, 24g x 3/4”200/CaseMS-84224ClearSafe Comfort I.V. Catheter, 24g x 3/4”200/Case