Break-Apart Aluminum Scoop Stretcher (MS-SCP123)

The MedSource Break-Apart Aluminum Scoop Stretcher is designed to be gently maneuvered under the patient without rolling or lifting. An open center permits the patient to be X- rayed while remaining immobilized on the stretcher.
Composed of lightweight aluminum with an adjustable length and 3 patient restraint straps.

Break-Apart Scoop Stretcher, X-Ray Translucent(MS-SCP124)

The MedSource X-ray Translucent Break-Apart Scoop Stretcher is constructed of impact-resistant, lightweight, easy to clean polyethylene plastic. The head section is recessed to provide proper cervical alignment, allowing the patient’s spine to remain in the position found. Comes with 3 patient restraint straps.


Item Number Description
MS-SCP123 Aluminum Scoop Stretcher
MS-SCP124 X-ray Scoop Stretcher

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