MedSource Cot Sheets are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations described in detail below.

Fitted Cot Sheet
The MedSource Fitted Cot Sheet is made of strong and durable emergency linen, Designed specifically for emergency services stretchers. This sheet features elastic corners for secure fit, soft linen for patient comfort and is fluid repellent.

Flat Sheet
These tear resistant sheets are soft to the touch and provide excellent moisture protection. It features a waterproof poly-film layer covered with two exterior layers of tissue.

Heavy-Duty Fitted Cot Sheet
Made of spun-bonded polypropylene, the Heavy-Duty cot sheets are fluid resistant and super-strong.

3-Piece Linen Set
Everything you need to make up a cot. Includes 1 fitted stretcher sheet, 1 flat stretcher sheet and 1 pillow case.

4-Piece Linen Set
Includes 1 fitted stretcher sheet, 1 flat stretcher sheet, 1 pillowcase and 1 highly absorbent under-pad.

 Item Number Description
 MS-001FSFitted Cot Sheet, Sewn Ends, 50/cs
 MS-001FLFlat Sheet, 50/cs
 MS-001HSHeavy-Duty Fitted Cot Sheet, 50/cs
 MS-003PC3 Piece Linen Set, 25/cs
 MS-003PCHD3 Piece Linen Set, Heavy Duty, 25/cs
 MS-004PC4 Piece Linen Set, 25/cs
 MS-44100Poly Tissue Flat Sheet, 50/cs
 MS-422102 PC Cot Sheet, 25/cs