The MedSource Endotracheal Tubes are ideal for oral/nasal intubation and airway management.

Constructed of kink-resistant medical-grade PVC, these ET Tubes also feature a radio-opaque black line. On cuffed versions, the pilot balloon allows for a tactile sense of cuff volume. Available cuffed or un-cuffed, and with or without a pre-loaded stylet.

Packaged sterile, 10/BX, 100/CS

 Item Number  Description
MS-23250 ET Tube, 5.0mm, cuffed
MS-23255 ET Tube, 5.5mm, cuffed
MS-23260 ET Tube, 6.0mm, cuffed
MS-23265 ET Tube, 6.5mm, cuffed
MS-23270 ET Tube, 7.0mm, cuffed
MS-23275 ET Tube, 7.5mm, cuffed
MS-23280 ET Tube, 8.0mm, cuffed
MS-23285 ET Tube, 8.5mm, cuffed
MS-23290 ET Tube, 9.0mm, cuffed
MS-23295 ET Tube, 9.5mm, cuffed
MS-23210 ET Tube, 10.0mm, cuffed

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