The MedSource Foam Electrodes use a conductive adhesive hydrogel “wet gel” which allows for maximum adhesion and electrical contact.

Our electrodes are made of a foam that is fluid impervious and tear resistant. Our special tab helps for easy removal and application.


  • MS-65003 – 3ea/pk, 200pks/Cs
  • MS-65004 – 3ea/pk, 150pks/Cs
  • MS-65005 – 30ea/pk, 20pks/Cs
  • MS-65006 – 10ea/pk, 60pks/Cs
Item Number Description
MS-65003 Foam Electrodes, 3/PK
MS-65004 Foam Electrodes, 4/PK
MS-65005 Foam Electrodes, 30/PK
MS-65006 Foam Electrodes, 10/PK

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