Infrared Non-contact Thermometer with instantaneous readings.


      • 6 in 1 model
      • Can be used on adult or pediatric patients
      • Measures body temp, ambient temp and surface temp
      • Audible alarm if temp is too high
      • 32 reading memory
      • Celsius or fahrenheit reading
      • Instantaneous reading
      • 2 AA batteries included


      • Be sure to wipe patient’s forehead with a dry cloth before using
      • Hold the device between 1 – 2 inches from patient’s forehead for optimal reading
      • Optimal temperature for use is between 0˚ and 109˚F
      • If a second reading becomes necessary, always allow at least one minute to pass before scanning again
      • Device may be stored in temperatures ranging from -4˚ and 131˚F
      • Turn sound off by pressing LANGUAGE button on side of the device


Item Number Description
MS-131000  Infrared Non-contact Thermometer

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