The MedSource Non-Rebreather oxygen mask features an elongated oxygen mask molded of soft transparent PVC plastic.

The tubing adapter swivels to facilitate use on either side of patient, and the spandex-terylene adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for every patient. The reservoir bag is constructed of soft vinyl. Available in complete, partial or pediatric styles, and comes complete with 7’ of star-lumen oxygen supply tubing.

  • Soft & Comfortable Elongated 02 Mask
  • Kink-Resistant Oxygen Tubing
  • High Quality “Fits All” Connector
  • Latex-Free Construction


Item Description Description
MS-25060 Complete Non-Rebreather, 50/cs
MS-25059 Partial Non-Rebreather, 50/cs
MS-25058 Pediatric Non-Rebreather, 50/cs
MS25055-U Non-Rebreather, Infant under the Lip w/ Universal Connector, 50/cs
MS-25057-U Non-Rebreather, Pediatric 2 Valve w/ Universal Connector, 50/cs
MS-25058-U Non-Rebreather, Pediatric w/Universal Connector, 50/cs

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