MedSource Standard Reusable Laryngoscope Blades

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MedSource standard reusable laryngoscope blades are constructed of polished stainless steel, and feature a glare free satin finish that enhances airway visualization. Its lightweight design improves balance and maneuverability. The handle contact point is insulated with nylon, facilitating longer life.

Offered in both Macintosh and Miller styles.

MS-46010 Standard Mac Blade, Size 0
MS-46011 Standard Mac Blade, Size 1
MS-46012 Standard Mac Blade, Size 2
MS-46013 Standard Mac Blade, Size 3
MS-46014 Standard Mac Blade, Size 4
MS-46020 Standard Miller Blade, Size 0
MS-46021 Standard Miller Blade, Size 1
MS-46022 Standard Miller Blade, Size 2
MS-46023 Standard Miller Blade, Size 3
MS-46024 Standard Miller Blade, Size 4
MS-46000 Standard Adult Handle
MS-46001 Standard Small Handle

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