MedSource Wool Blankets

MedSource offers a wide range of blankets that proudly meet all of your needs.
The soft, warm, durable wool is the perfect blend of quality and affordability.

2 blankets to choose from:

Dark Gray, 80% wool, 66″ x 90″
Dark Gray, 50% wool, 50% blended materials, 54″ x 84″

• Durability, Strength, Reliability
• Stitched on All Four Sides
• Perfect Blend of Materials
• Quality & Affordability
• Weight: 1200 gms

Item Number Description
MS-40520 Wool Blanket, 66″ x 90″, 80% Wool, Dark Gray, 10/CS
MS-40522 Wool Blanket, 54″ x 84″, 50% Wool 50% Blended Materials, Dark Gray, 12/CS

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