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NxtMed is pleased to offer our new Medical Device Recycle System for the safe collection, storage, transport, and recycling of single use devices. This cost-effective solution allows organizations to reduce risk while addressing environmental concerns.

This environmentally-friendly system is designed to recycle single-use devices that are normally destined for reprocessing, the landfill, or treatment as medical waste. Instead, appropriate SUDs are collected and packaged for shipment via common carrier to a compliance facility for ultimate recycling.

• Primary collection containers used for collection of devices

• Everything necessary to properly package containers for DOT-compliant shipping and recycling of all materials

• Pre-addressed, prepaid shipping labels


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Item Description
NM-001 One Unit has Two (2) 7.5 Gallon Bin Medical Recycling Collection Containers

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Almost all single-use medical devices are composed of materials that can be recycled. Approved material includes stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, precious metal mix, batteries (individually bagged or in original devices), and circuit boards.

DO NOT place mercury or lead-containing devices, medical waste, disposable sharps, such as syringes and scalpels, drugs, liquid, glass, or hazardous waste materials, such as chemotherapeutic agents into this System.

The process is very simple. Place each filled plastic container inside one of the included small 4-mil plastic bags and securely seal using included tie wraps. Place each bagged collection container inside the 4-mil large plastic-bag box liner located in the prepaid return shipping box. Complete the included Itemized List of Contents form and place on top of bagged containers. Close large plastic liner around all bagged collection containers and Itemized List of Contents. Secure bag. The maximum return weights are 35 lbs for two containers.

Once the recycled items are received, they are inspected and recorded. All devices are appropriately decontaminated following all OSHA safety standards and CDC guidelines. Individual components are routed to the proper recycler. Plastics are treated and the end product is used to generate electricity. Batteries and electronics are recovered and processed by certified recyclers. Hardware and other metals are recovered and processed by recycling facilities for reuse as raw material.


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