Not all airways are created the same. The new Paulsen Airway™ is shaped anatomically to the patient’s airway — engineered to create a path for free flowing gases. The Airway has a rapid evacuation port with a patented design that removes airway secretions quickly, while the unique lateral channels remain open to allow gases to free flow, providing for adequate gas exchange.

The Paulsen Airway’s™ patented design features three unique suction ports:

  • Rapid Evacuation Suction Port attaches quick and effortlessly to standard suction tubing to remove airway secretions at a moment’s notice, while lateral channels remain open to allow gases to free flow, providing for adequate gas exchange.
  • Multidimensional Suction Port allows for blind suction techniques to be employed at any time
  • Side Suction Ports are contiguous with the Multidimensional Suction Port adding suctioning reach laterally while minimizing suction tissue adherence.


Item Number Description U of M
MS-23890 Paulsen Airway, 90 mm Coming Soon!
MS-238100 Paulsen Airway, 100 mm 10/box, 20 BX/CS



Physicians, Advanced Practice Nurses, Physician assistants, Registered Nurses, and EMS providers.

No. The Paulsen Airway™ and traditional oral airways share the same basic practices.  Suctioning is always ready in the distal portions of the airway and will make it easier than traditional practices to clear the airway of secretions or particulates.

The independence of the airway does not rely on other products as in traditional methods which take time to gather, open, and introduce alongside of traditional airways.

Yes. At this time, we will be introducing the 100mm size.  Additional sizes will be made available soon.

The Paulsen Airway™ is color coded, meeting the latest ISO standards for oral airways.

Before using the airway, please watch the basic instructional video.  At this time, there are no concerns about the safety of The Paulsen Airway™.

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