The MS-90044 Stair Chair is designed for the safety and comfort of the patient. The unit comes complete with a foot rest, rear locking wheels, and two restraint straps for additional comfort and safety. Its unique design allows the EMS personnel to maneuver easily in confined spaces, with telescoping arms in the front and four rear handles for safe transportation.

It is MRI compatible. The heavy duty nylon cover is durable and will withstand harsh field treatment. The MS-90044 Stair Chair can be folded for convenient storage and can be secured in areas nearest emergency exits for easy access (Fixation device and fixation belt sold separately). EMS personnel can easily store the Stair Chair in areas safely away from the patient but easily accessible when needed.

Item Number Description
MS-90044 Stair Chair, EA
MS-90045 Fixation Device for Stair Chair
MS-90046 Fixation Strap for Stair Chair

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