MedSource Labs CEO Todd Fagley participated with U.S. Senator Klobuchar and other business leaders in a media roundtable panel on supply chain challenges.The focus was predominately on bipartisan legislation that was introduced by Klobuchar and U.S. Senator Thune that seeks to create greater accountability for the ocean carriers.

“This legislation will help level the playing field for American exporters so they can get their goods to market in a timely manner for a fair price,” said U.S Senator Klobuchar.

“Many industries are suffering from these exorbitant costs and we applaud Senator Klobuchar for taking the lead in finally addressing this issue,” added MedSource Labs CEO Todd Fagley.

Senator Amy Klobuchar Press Release: Klobuchar Holds Business Roundtable Highlighting New Bipartisan Legislation to Address Supply Chain Disruptions, Help Minnesota Exporters

Video Courtesy of Fox 9 News: Sen. Klobuchar wants new shipping regulation