Chanhassen, MN – March 11, 2022 – MedSource Labs (MSL) announces new partnership with medical manufacturing firm Ronexmed, based in Colombia, South America to build out MSL’s Healthcare Resilience strategy.

The mission at MedSource Labs has always been focused on improving patient outcomes. Supply chain challenges due to events like Covid-19 can create a supply chain ripple effect within our business and industry. These challenges in turn increase the risk of an adverse impact on patients in need of critical care. Prior to the pandemic, devising a Healthcare Resilience strategy has been a focus for MSL to ensure we meet and exceed quality standards and practices.

The partnership with Ronexmed is yet another important step in our commitment to protecting patients from the negative effects of supply chain disruptions without sacrificing quality.

Todd Fagley, CEO and founder of Medsource Labs remarked, “While we’ve relied on partners in the Asia-Pacific region — even prior to the pandemic and the supply chain challenges — we understood that we needed to expand our business capabilities and increase our global footprint to ensure we remain highly competitive in the marketplace.”

“MedSource Labs has a long track record of providing critical medical products to key customers around the world.  We’re delighted to be working alongside of them as we work together to ensure our healthcare providers have what they need,” added Elias Daffach, CEO of Ronexmed.

The partnership with Ronexmed will strengthen MedSource Labs’ EMERGE process, a highly collaborative service in which we work closely with key customers to identify and develop cutting-edge medical products – bringing them to market rapidly and with precision. EMERGE offers a customizable suite of services, including expertise in regulatory and compliance submissions, product conception, sourcing materials and optimization, and design and marketing strategy. These processes involve working with key suppliers across the globe that maintain the highest quality standards and practices while meeting our NxtMed Vendor Code of Ethics.

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